Whirlpool WMC50522HZ Microwave Review | Is It Worth The Money?

September 10, 2019

Product Overview

This countertop microwave from famous Whirlpool provides numerous features required for variety types of cooking, no matter what who is cooking the food. It’s capacity is best in class, as WMC50522HZ offers 2.2 cu. ft, which is the largest among other Whirlpool countertop microwave.

It’s best feature is sensor cooking, which adjusts the cooking time automatically, so you don’t have to guess. From snacks to dinner preparation, Whirlpool WMC50522HZ is there to help you out in any situation.


Features of WMC50522HZ

  • This countertop microwave offers the capacity of 2.2 cu. ft. Which is good enough to handle almost every size of your daily cooking requirements.
  • WMC50522HZ works with 1200 watt power, so your food cooks at lightning fast speed.
  • Its cooking modes are really easy to use or operate, moreover you won’t face any hassle while cleaning them.
  • You are watching something on Netflix and forgets about your meal in microwave? Then no need to worry as Whirlpool WMC50522HZ has sensor cooking feature which can automatically adjust the cooking time.
  • This superb microwave comes with numerous preset options, so your basic operations such as cooking and defrosting gets easy with the right amount of time and heat.
  • WMC50522HZ is available in variety of stainless steel color options e.g. Black stainless. Which helps smudges and fingerprints just with a wipe.
  • Simply use dishwasher to clean spills on turntable.
  • Just with touching the button you can set the 30 sec timer, or add more time in progress cooking items.
  • You can disable the provided control panel, which can help you to avoid the changes in cooking settings.
  • Disable the control panel to avoid unintended use or other changes to your cooking settings.

Specifications of WMC50522HZ Microwave

Size: Medium

Door Swing/Style: Right to Left Swing

Features: Turntable

Settings: Cook Power, Defrost, Popcorn

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