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Edgestar Ice Maker Reviews | Buy EdgeStar Portable Ice Maker

July 16, 2019

Edgestar Ice Maker Overview

Edgestar ice maker is one of the most popular ice maker machines available in the market and has been recommended by many people since a long time ago. It is highly used by most of the population because of its multiple specialties and lots of highly advanced features. Features like included pump, large ice capacity, ice of restaurant quality, attractive design, easy to use control plugins and with many accessories included. The ice production of these type of ice makers of the brand edgestar is comparatively high and also gives us a good quality ice cubes. The ice makers of this brand have good and long term warranty period. They are mostly preferred to be useful in homes as well as in offices. 

The machines of these brand also provide us with advanced features like automatic operations for eg. Ice making is enabled automatically when sensors detect that ice has been used. A person need not to put water in again and again for getting more ice cubes. The warranty period of the machines of this brand is almost one year at max. Almost all of the machines of this brands are facilitated with highly equipped models and designs which can be easily used and can innovate provide us multiple solutions for producing high quality ice cubes in bulks. The machines of this brand are highly recommended at homes as well as offices.

 This brand has made it’s remarkable success over these many years and have successfully established it’s name in the industrial business world of home appliances popular in making ice cubes of high grade quality and in bulk amounts. The ice production of these machines is comparatively higher than other ice maker machines. We do not need to fill in the machines again and again with water as once we remove the prepared ice cubes from the machine, it automatically starts making ice cubes with no delaying. Here is a list of the most popularly used ice maker machines of this brand which are considered to be most efficient and useful as per the customers reviews and ratings of the product obtained with the use of these machines at their homes or workplaces.

  1. Edgestar IB450SS: 


The modern and newly facilitated Edgestar Ice Maker IB450SS provides you with abundance of ice cubes whenever needed. It offers us restaurant quality ice cubes of 45 lbs per day. It has a stainless steel wrapped door which automatically makes your kitchen look attractive and fashionable. The machine is quite easy to install and also comes with easy to control plugins. 


  • Package dimensions – 23.6 x 15 x 32.8 inches 
  • Item weight – 78 pounds 
  • capacity – 45 lbs per day 
  • Cycle time – 6-7 minutes 


It is an AquaPure In-Line Icemaker Ice and Water Filter (AP717) which makes a remarkable increase in the performance and overall longevity of the machine. Also with a stainless steel door which is also adjustable and reversible, along with maintained leveling legs and included ice cubes, the machine becomes a must to have at your home and offices. 


Installation of unit is quite tricky and would need a professional plumber for the same. It’s not a freezer, although well insulated. We would need a condensates pump for letting the water out. Quite noisy. 


The machine is a highly recommended product of the brand edgestar. Once installed properly, the unit works in magic and would never let you run out of ice whether at workplace or at home. 

  1. Edgestar IB650SS: 

Overview : 

The newly designed and innovatively built edgestar ice maker IB650SS is a highly popular machine among the users and consumer’s of ice cubes. It is the best modal when considered for a better portability and large ice production in small and compact size unit. The product is considered to be best for household uses as it facilitates us with free standing and build in application of the machine. With an access to water supply and drain, you can install the machine free highhandedly anywhere. 

Specifications :

  • Product dimensions – 16.5 W x 21.3 D x 33.1 H
  • Capacity – 65 lb. ice per day
  • Warranty period – 1 year 
  • Item weight – 91 pounds 


The machine is a highly recommended product of the brand edgestar because of its highly advanced and equipped features like build – in – use system, build in compressor protector, automatic operations, easy to use control panels provided with LED lights for better indication and an efficiently working fan motor provided with the machine. All these features of the machine makes it more feasible among all other ice makers. 


Curbside delivery, running water issues, problems in the control box at times. The door is quite flimsy and because it is made up of complete plastic material, there is hardly any insulation for the ice to keep it cool inside. 


A better option for people pursuing small business units and are in need of large ice production. Also a perfect kitchen appliance for homes with the facilities of being compact and handy to use. 

  1. Edgestar IB120SS


Edgestar ib120ss is highly equipped and advanced product of edgestar which focuses on making the work more easy to do and reliablewith it’s better portablity and transportation facilities with it’s highly advanced features and a newly designed stainless steel body. With minimal installation complications the machine can work almost anywhere , whether it’s your home or office or RV or any boat or some wet bar of yours. Along with no drain requirements, the product becomes quite inexpensive. 


  • Product dimensions – 25 1/4″ H x 15″ W x 18 1/2″ D
  • Capacity – 12 pounds of ice per day 
  • Item weight – 54 pounds 
  • Item length – 25 feet 


The features and facilities offered by the newly designed edgestar ib120ss ice maker machine makes it feasible to use almost anywhere whenever in need of ice cubes in bulk amounts. The features like freestanding installation, venting for built in, easy to use plugins with on/off plugins and a facility of auto shut down when ice bin is full. The one major advantage of the machine is that it acts as a freezer too and without any drain line required it will keep your ice froze. 


The quality of ice cubes is not that good and leaves a slightly greenish and blacking flake on the ice. trouble in smooth mechanism of the machine. 


The new edgestar ib120ss ice maker is one of the most easy, convenient and inexpensive machine to use and is highly recommended by the people who have experienced it’s use and have benefitted frome them. 

  1. Edgestar IB450SS

Overview : The newly designed edgestar ib450ss is most popular and widely used ice maker machine among all the other ice makers because of its innovated and advantageous features like 

Stainless steel door which is commercial grade, front venting system, removable ice bin, freestanding applications with pure, restaurant quality, clear ice cubes. 


  • Package dimensions -32.8″ H x 15″ W x 23.6″ D
  • Capacity- 45 lbs of ice per day 
  • Item weight – 78 pounds
  • Item length – 33 inch approx


The highly advanced and innovated design of the brand edgestar is this model i.e. edgestar ib450ss. It is provided with manier advantages as compared to other ice maker machines. The features like stainless steel wrapped door with a curved handle, computerized controls, adjustable leveling legs, reversible door, easy to use plugins etc make the machine highly useful and advantageous for people who are in need of ice cubes in bulk amount for household as well as business purposes. 


It is quite noisy. The unit installation is complicated and would require a professional plumber for its installation. 


After proper installation with the help of a professional plumber, the machine works very efficiently and can give multiple benefits resulting in huge ice production at larger scale in small business offices as well as in kitchen of your houses. 

Why Edgestar Ice Maker are best from all other ice makers?

In such a hot weather who doesn’t want to drink and enjoy cold beverages . With the help of ice maker you can get ice quickly , in  perfect shape without putting so much of efforts . Ice maker being a portable machine can be used anywhere like in offices , home , schools etc. They are so small in size that you can put it into cabinets. 

Edgestar ice makers provide crystal clear ice which are obviously attractive and one can showoff it in their parties or events. These machines are so beautifully designed that it will only enhance the look of your apartment.

Edgestar is a Brand which makes numerous appliances like freezers , ice-cream makers etc. They provide a numerous or a wide range of commercial / portable ice makers. Normally people thinks that ice makers are waste of money as well as wastage of space because everyone person have  refrigerator in their house but ice maker have different aspect too , it can be used as home décor.  

Edgestar ice makers are portable which means they are small in size so it is easy to clean them as well as they won’t cover much space of your kitchen. These machines are so quick , they are quite fast as they can produce up to 2.5  pounds of ices within 6-10 minutes. Everyone loves to party , who doesn’t ? so , these machines are perfect helper for your party as you can get fresh ice from the machine and it is so small in size that you can put it anywhere .

Best quality of these machines are that these are Affordable. We all have some budget set for our monthly spends and if you think that purchasing a ice maker can affect the budget then you should consider purchasing Edgestar ice makers. Plus they offer  wide no. options for you to choose from. 

You can use both tap as well as bottle water for making ice through these machines. They are very easy to operate , you don’t read or waste your time on typical instructions . One can easily learn how to use them. It does not lead to wastage of water , it does not drain the water , it reuses the water of melted ice and converts it into ice whenever you need it.

Customers can easily find it on any online shopping site. Edgestar ice maker machines are rated as top 15 machines for ice making. Every machine have their own pros and cons , you won’t be satisfied until or unless you give it a try. 

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