Dewalt DWS779 vs DWS780 Miter Saw – Check Which Is The Best?

March 7, 2020

Lovers of both carpentry along with do it yourself endeavors must will have a miter saw to build sharp cuts into their substances precisely. Additionally, it isn’t important if you’re a beginner or an expert. We consistently urge being outfitted at the finest way todo high-tech tasks, with machines which present not just accuracy but in addition optimal and safety outcomes.

Woodworking adaptable machines who are designed for increasing growth have reached the center of Dewalt’s assignment, and they’re a excellent go to brand name to discover trusted and caliber gear and also, clearly, their own miter saws aren’t a exception. In the assignment of locating the right miter saw to assembling your job, then you may possibly ask yourself,” DWS 779 compared to DWS 780, which just one would be your very best?

Dewalt DWS779 vs DWS780 Comapred


Now you would like to have a conversation with you in regards to the DeWalt DWS779 1 2″ along with also the DWS780 1 2″, both equally great tools that’ll take their occupation flawlessly. However, you may be thinking about the gap between these would be. In all honesty they share the exact features as soon as it has to do with the engine and incredibly modest differences inside the blade platform. Nevertheless, the principal gaps are the DWS780 includes got the XPS program, even a sophisticated laser guide method, and also, clearly, the price.

Engines, blades, laser approaches, and price would be the 4 main aspects you’d desire to think about when determining which to purchase between both, therefore let us talk them longer in depth.

The Engine

The most essential characteristic in virtually any miter saw may be your engine as it’s essential for the total operation of the instrument. It’s critical to consider its dimensions and ability also whether or not it matches the capacities of an individual so as to detect the most suitable miter saw for just about every consumer and also endeavor.

That you really do not desire to receive yourself a miter saw which could overpower your stuff in the event that you intend to do reductions in gentle surfaces. Inside this instance, it really is wise never to employ a miter saw in any respect, nevertheless, it’s still true that you do not would like to receive the one who drops short for your own requirements.

This is exactly why the engine is this kind of important region of the device. The DEWALT DWS779 12″ Sliding Compound Miter Saw as well as also the DEWALT DWS780 12-Inch Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw equally possess a 15 amp motor.

This form of engine produces a substantial ability from the builtin round saw within a lasting method. Gently right around the rotating shaft that moves the disc, such a motor will supply the torque required to maneuver the round saw, turning the blades upward to and including no-load rate of 3800 RPM.

This rate will help to produce reductions fast and also at a fresh method, that will be vitally essential in virtually every single material that you could utilize. Sharp and blank borders would be the gap involving a materials managed having a poor excellent miter saw and also a great person.

The urge this engine contributes into this saw makes it possible for the reductions to be manufactured in one motion, so eradicating the dilemma of needing to experience the reductions repeatedly from the thickest stuff. And that just is regarding the power of these devices, that places both apparatus on the list of finest on the marketplace.

Since the exact very same engine technologies can be employed in equally miter saws, there isn’t any increased differentiation between your DWS779 as well as also the DWS780. You may expect in both the programs and find precisely the exact same trustworthy motor and power it presents towards the total operation of this round saw.


The Blades

About blades, equally devices utilize stainless miter plates who have 12-inch blades and bodyweight not exactly sixty pounds. There isn’t difference inside this facet, however there’s a single function that has to definitely be used under consideration.

The DWS779 version just includes stainless blade, whereas the DWS780 also has a carbide blade. This is really actually a blade assembled in tungsten-carbide, a compound compound which has carbon and tungsten dioxide. This materials is much thicker compared to additional substances and alloys, also it’s widely famous for the flexibility and endurance. It follows the blade will probably soon be resistant to abrasion and larger temperatures compared to the other substances, or so the friction generated while in the very process ought to perhaps not bother you all, even whenever the motor is in its highest possible rate.

The majority of time, end users think carbide programs possess improved performance whilst producing cuts due to the fact the final is ordinarily very smooth and clean at an identical period, also it renders sharp borders.

Additionally, such a blade will not require complicated upkeep as they truly are designed for remaining sharp during the years and therefore are almost not possible to flex. It follows that high reducing rates wont impact its hardness or structure, regardless the way a miter saw goes if it delivers substantial temperatures. Inside this way you are able to be certain the blade is going to possess a long-term lifetime of usage.

The guide Technique


This is the significant gap between p DWS779 as well as also the DWS780 version . Although the very initial one utilizes an even traditional but however trustworthy laser guide platform, that the DWS780 includes got the XPS platform which features a glowing led-light that excels over the length of this blade. The tech that lets the miter saw to throw a shadow which follows the movements of this blade. The XPS process additionally spans trimmed on the placement and recovery system, so supplying a lineup hint that doesn’t require any extra alterations.

The shadow cast from the light emitting diode lighting gets got the ideal degree of brightness to supply a exact uncomplicated shadow. You might well be asking yourself the way the shadow is made up of this kind of intense light emitting diode lighting, and also the clear answer is inside the blade . The exact very same curved blade would be your thing that interferes with all the light emitting diode lighting to develop a shadow which produces the cutting edge less complicated.

What’s that this XPS method this type of confident element? As it’s got the main advantage of trying to keep the orientation quite exact, whereas the conventional laser guide contrary to your DWS779 version is significantly more likely to steer from alignment within the years or at each usage. The XPS process with all the light emitting diode lighting feature enables you to get a ideal orientation.

But because this engineering trusts in the brightness of the LED included from the saw and also the shadow designed by its own pieces, the lighting contained from the operating atmosphere may influence the procedure. By way of instance, at an functional environment theme to lots of vibrant lighting, intensive lighting, if artificial or natural, the consequence generated by this led-light could possibly be impacted, and also the shadow may possibly be significantly less observable. But remember that at all national configurations, this characteristic will probably do the job absolutely.

Price Comaprison

Inevitably, virtually every conclusion we create narrows into the price. That clearly was a much $200 gap in between your DWS779 as well as also the DWS780 which the majority of folks wouldn’t simply take as a right.

That massive difference from the price counts about the XPS platform . Equally devices are essentially the very same, and the very best element to look at when coming up with the buy decision wouldbe the laser guide machine. Could it be truly essential that you get a complex strategy or you’d do the job with an even more conventional 1?

This XPS process is an immense aid for the majority of amateur end users considering that the extraction procedure whilst cutting on some other material may be among the trickiest sections of working with a miter saw. A guide method which is rather complex yet very simple is likely to produce the task manner simpler. And that profit profits maybe not merely the latest end users of miter saws but in addition individuals knowledgeable DIY pros and carpenters. Possessing a guide method which flows obviously with all an application allows them to decrease enough full time they had to take a position keeping in mind the orientation flawlessly.

In the event that you truly think that you can benefit from this XPS platform, then we invite one to really make the expense to your own DWS780. If you should be okay using the conventional strategy and might be pleased to conserve a little funds, we then propose acquiring the DWS779.



Features which can be found in equally miter saws would be the fantastic Dewalts’ design and style of an distinctive rear weapon which divides to two by 16 dimensional timber at 90-degrees, 2 by 1 2 in 4 5 levels , along with a rather good dust set strategy which may continue to keep your region cleaner along with your own eyes, skin, nose and mouth fitter.

The straight back fence attribute is excellent because maybe not all of miter saws possess that potential. Getting equipped to minimize on those measurements in these angles is also quite practical for users, in the new to the absolute most innovative kinds.

And also the dust selection strategy built-into these the tools is just one of the very valuable faculties. Miter saws, because you might think about, generate a great deal of unstable residue such as timber dust owing to this highspeed motions. These spores may simply make an impact on your eyesight and immediately enter your mouth or nose producing not merely an uncomfortable experience of itchiness and burn off, but in addition might possibly be damaging for your wellness.

Truly, that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) claims that”experience of wood dust has for ages been connected to a range of undesirable health consequences, such as psoriasis, infectious respiratory impacts, mucosal and nonallergic respiratory impacts, and even cancer. Connection the irritant chemicals in timber sap may lead to dermatitis and other allergy symptoms. Other popular symptoms related to wood dust exposure include eye and skin discomfort; sinus obstruction and dryness and protracted sleeplessness.” (health risks: Wood Publish OSHA established internet site ).

Both equally Dewalts miter saws we are analyzing now have built systems which may amass above seventy five percentage of their dirt created in a normal method of cutting on virtually any materials. It’s just a quite productive built-in system which safeguards you and keeps work location and also the atmosphere you breathe cleaner compared to should you’ve used an everyday miter saw without a dust collector integrated.

But when these miter saws possess such fantastic components in order to get around the largest possible sum of dirt potential, we really do advocate always employing protective equipment, for example eyeglasses and ear-covers to guard your self out of the potential dust which may accomplish the skin whilst trimming on with a luxury miter saw.

High Quality Tools

Total, the two of these miter saws in Dewalt are assembled with highquality substances and also possess a couple variances. They have amazing features and particulars like the power of this builtin saw to execute sharp and specified angle cuts and lots of alternative places.

With respect to flexibility and simplicity of usage, even though the DWS779 is very fine, the DWS780 is excellent in case you plan to execute heavyduty endeavors of very step by step activities where accuracy is crucial. Inside this thing, this version will probably assist you to having its own XPS strategy to continue to keep the attribute of one’s work consistently towards the very best. Again In terms of sturdiness, both equally miter saws is likely to produce the minimize since Dewalt’s reputable stuff and structure’ve consistently passed on the evaluation.

The entire outside of the miter saws increase the allure of their gear and also while still providing the majority of the significant purposes with a few superb depth and attention for your own security and easiness to make use of, both the gear inspire one to bring a fantastic stand.

Conclusion (Dewalt DWS779 vs DWS780)

Much like the majority of the ability tools you may buy on the current market, we declare that you just study the directions attentively as a few risks connected with almost any miter saw it self helps it be required to grasp the procedure for utilizing it totally. We strongly advice that you to cover complete attention for safety and instructions hints furnished from the brand name new. Maintaining time and examine the clipping in a more durable cloth will probably expel all possible disasters and risky moves.

Thus do not neglect to take into account the following four major facets: engine, blades, guide machine and price, after creating your buy. Also consider the reward features to provide you with an additional drive when coming up with your election. A sensible decision will probably soon be vital because of one’s job and also for the affect your own pocket. To get DWS 779 compared to DWS 780, make a more intelligent selection!

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