Best Dovetail Jigs 2019 – Porter Cable/Leigh/Rockler Dovetail Jigs

Best Dovetail Jigs 2019 – Porter Cable/Leigh/Rockler Dovetail Jigs



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Brief: Dovetail Jig of Routers are one of a kind equipment to make high quality dovetails quickly and without putting extra human effort. Good Dovetails Jigs are the heart of any router, so it is important to understand which Dovetail Jig you should buy.

There are hundreds of products available on hundreds of websites, but not every Dovetail Jig is made with precision and 100% quality. Moreover, your needs may be different than Dovetail Jigs sold by number of websites.

We understand that researching Dovetail Jigs can be difficult and woodworkers may get confused while researching or studying about the high quality dovetail jig for their routers. That’s the reason why we have done our homework, so that you don’t have to look any further for Dovetail Jigs. We compared 5 high quality dovetail Jigs available in the market.

  1. Porter Cable 4216 (Super)
  2. Rockler Dovetail Jig
  3. Porter Cable 4210 (12 Inch Standard)
  4. Leigh Dovetail Jig (Super 12)
  5. General Tools 861 Pro

You can check our suggestion and verdict in the below table:-

5 Best Dovetail Jigs – Our Detailed Reviews 2019

1. Porter Cable 4216 Dovetail Jig (Super) – Our Top Pick


After reviewing multiple Dovetail Jigs, we can say that Porter Cable Dovetail Jig – 4216 is the finest among all. Best part of the Porter Cable 4216 is it’s weight, that is just 26.8 pounds, so you don’t have to be more concerned about it’s quality.

Most of the people choose this product in silver color as this looks good with any color router. Porter Cable Dovetail Jig can help woodworkers with variety of operations like joinery of boxes, drawers and numerous types of furniture.

Best part is, this product comes with  –

  1. Porter Cable 4215 Template
  2. Porter Cable 4211 Template
  3. Porter Cable 4213 Template
  4. Porter Cable 43776PC Router Bits
  5. Porter Cable 43743PC Router Bits
  6. Porter Cable 43014PC Router Bits
  7. Porter Cable 43777PC Router Bits
  8. Porter Cable 42037 Template Guide
  9. Porter Cable 42040 Template guide
  10. Porter Cable 42046 Template Guide
  11. Porter Cable 42054 Template Guide
  12. 2 Lock Nuts
  13. 1 Wrench
  14. Operating Instructions

Porter cable 4216 super is amazing upto ¼ to 1-1/8 inches thick stock pieces. It’s strong performance clamps helps users to grip the wooden pieces. You can also set bit depths according to your need without any assembly guidance.

Ideal For: Porter Cable 4216 is an ideal product for woodworking and furniture making. It’s 12 inch kit of Dovetail Jig is perfect for all kinds of cutting operations of furniture, boxes sliders or drawers. It’s easy to use, that’s why we highly recommend this product to the woodworkers. Remember to read it’s user manual guide before starting the operations for safe handling.

Warranty: This Porter cable tool comes with warranty of 3 years, which covers faults because of any manufacturing mistakes. Moreover, you will also get a warranty of 1 year service warranty, in which Porter-Cable will replace used parts if they are damaged.

2. Rockler Complete Dovetail Jig


The Rockler Dovetail Jig is among the finest jigs available in the market today. Though in our test, we can call it runner-up, as the winner is Porter Cable 4216. But still, Rockler should be in your list because of its price and durability.

If you are not completely satisfied with Porter Cable, then you should add this one in your list. It’s quality and durability made us to keep this product in our top two.

The Rockler Dovetail Jig Complete comes with a single template, but Porter cable 4216 comes with 3 templates at the same time. That’s why, you’ll be able to cut half-blind joints of dovetail.

Apart from single template concern, Rockler’s quality parts makes it the finest tool to cut dovetail joints with precision.

It’s setup and operating directions are easy to follow, moreover this tool is pretty easy to use. Rockler’s complete dovetail jig can fit a stock upto 11 inches wide. Additionally, it’s 8mm bits are 25% bigger than ordinary ¼” bits.

3. PORTER-CABLE 4210 12-Inch (Standard) Dovetail Jig


Porter Cable is one of the eminent name in the field of woodworking product manufacturing. That’s the reason why it’s no surprise that we have two products of Porter Cable in our list.

Porter Cable 4210 is a durable product, but it’s not as good as it’s brother product – Porter Cable 4216. But this tool still shows pretty good quality as compared to many low cost dovetail jigs available in the market. The price of this tool is less than top two products, that’s the reason why we call it best deal for the money.

4. Leigh Super 12 Dovetail Jig


So, Leigh Super 12 is on the fourth spot in our list, is it that bad to get this position? No, but this tool is bit imprecise as compared to other top listed products like Porter cable and Rockler. Build quality of Leigh dovetail jig is high, as well as it’s price is quite less than other products.

If you are looking for budget dovetail jig? Then this tool can perfectly solve your problem and you can buy this without thinking about any other product.

On the contrary, if you are looking for a long lasting product, then Leigh Super 12 has all those features for you. If we talk about precision then, this tool can give you the desired results with the proper settings mentioned in its user guide book.

You can make any kind of joint pattern with the adjustable fingers option of this tool. The high productivity can be achieved from this tool by a special feature “Leigh E-bush”— a dovetail jig part that helps to adjust the diameter of the finger joints and half blinded joints.

All these patented features comes with Leigh Super 12, which makes these tool one of a kind tool available in the market for such a fair price.

5. General Tools 861 Pro Dovetail Jig


Our last tool in the list is General Tools 861 Pro dovetail jig, and this tool is comes with super less price and with very limited features.

So, why it is listed in our list with the other high end dovetail jigs? Well, our answer can be said in below two points –

1.) Woodworker will have to make some efforts to use this tool to cut dovetail joints, but at last this will definitely give the results with less precision.

2.) Its cost is surprisingly low as compared to the other dovetail jigs in this list.

If your woodworking needs aren’t that high or if you are looking for a tool to use for a shorter period, then here are the things you’ll get with General Tools 861 Pro dovetail jig: You will get a very basic jig which will be able to make dovetail joints for you without superiority and precision.

It’s packaging says, that this product can build box tail joints and variety of cuts, but this is not the real fact about the product. As this product fails in variety of features mentioned on it’s box, Moreover its low performance does not justify its price.

On the last, if you want to buy a product which can deliver the performance and the quality, then you should consider Porter Cable or Rockler’s dovetail jigs.

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